B.A. General Degree Course Units (Political Science)


Level One

POLS 11214               Political Theory and Process

POLS 12224               Government and Politics in Sri Lanka

POLS 12232               Contemporary World Politics


Level Two

POLS 21213               Comparative Government and Politics

POLS 21222               International Politics

POLS 22233               Ancient Political and Social Theory

POLS 22242               Government and Politics in Asian Countries

POLS 22252               Decentralization and Local Government


Level Three

POLS 31013               International Relations

POLS 31022               Eastern Political Thought

POLS 31032               Political Process and Analysis

POLS 32043               Public Administration and Decentralization

POLS 32052               Sri Lanka in Regional Politics

POLS 32062               Politics and Economic Development in the third World

POLS 32072               New Global Trends