B.A. Special Degree Course Units (International studies)


Level One

INTS 21414                The United Nations and its Specialized Agencies

INTS 21424                Theories and concepts of International Relations

INTS 21434                Socio - economic Problems of Developing Countries

INTS 21444                Basic Statistics

INTS 22454                International Politics

INTS 22464                Regional Organizations

INTS 22474                Politics of South Asia

INTS 23484                Foreign Language

INTS 23492                Skill Development – I (Presentation Skills)

INTS 22504                Computer Application in International Studies


Level Two

INTS  31414               Foreign Policy of Sri Lanka

INTS  31424               International Law

INTS  31434               Diplomatic Theory and Practice

INTS 33504                Language Skill for International Studies

INTS 32444                 Strategic Studies

INTS  32454               International Migration

INTS  33464               Foreign Language

INTS  32474               Research Methodology

INTS  32484               Internship

INTS  33492               Skill Development – II   (Data Analysis)

INTS  33504               Language Skill for International Studies


Level Three

INTS 41414                 Foreign Policy  of India

INTS  41424               Foreign Policies of Major Powers

INTS  41434               International Trade

INTS 43474                Language Skills for International Studies

INTS 42444                International Business Strategy

INTS 42454                Human Rights

INTS 43464               Foreign Language

INTS  43474               Language Skills for International Studies

INTS 43482                Skill Development III (Language Skills)

INTS 43498                Dissertation