B.A. Special Degree Course Units (Political Science)


Level One

POLS 21414               International Politics

POLS 21424               Comparative Government and Politics

POLS 21434               Introduction to Public Administration

POLS 21444          Political and Social Theory

POLS 22454               Constitution, Law and Government

POLS 22464               International Politics Since World War II

POLS 22474               Ancient Political Thought

POLS 22484               Political History of Sri Lanka : Before Independence

POLS 22494               Computer Skills : Computer based Data Analysis

POLS 23502               Skills Development I( Presentation Skills)


Level Two

POLS  31414              Political Sociology

POLS  31424               Modern Political Thought

POLS  31434              Politics of Developing Countries

POLS 31444               Decentralization and Local Government

POLS 32454               Foreign Policy in Sri Lanka

POLS 32464               Elections History in Sri Lanka

POLS 32474               Internship/Institutional Training

POLS 32484                Research Methodology

POLS 32494               Contemporary Public Administration

POLS 32504                International Organization

POLS 32514                Politics in South Asia

POLS 33522               (Skills Development II Data Analysis Skills)


Level Three

POLS 41414                Political Economy

POLS 41424                Human Rights

POLS 41434                Conflict Analysis and Resolution

POLS 41444                Political Parties, Pressure Groups and Public Opinion

POLS 42454               Public Policy-Theory and Practice

POLS  42464              Politics of Industrialized Countries

POLS 42474               Contemporary Themes in Sri Lankan Politics

POLS 42484               Citizenship

POLS 42494               Public Administration in Sri Lanka

POLS 43508               Dissertation

POLS 43512               Skill Development III (Language Skills