B.A. Special Degree Course Units (Social Statistics)


Level One

SOST 21414               Calculus with Applications to Social Sciences

SOST 21424               Descriptive Statistics II

SOST 21434               Introductory Microeconomics

SOST 21444               Introduction to Computer Science

SOST 21454               Research Methodology

SOST 22414               Probability and Probability Distribution

SOST 22424               Vectors and Matrices

SOST 22434               Introductory Macroeconomics

SOST 22444               Computer Applications for Social Statistics

SOST 22452               Skill Development - I (Presentation Skills)


Level Two

SOST 31414                Statistical Inference

SOST 31423                Elementary Econometrics

SOST 31434               Intermediate Microeconomics

SOST 31444               Applied Multivariate Analysis

SOST 31454               Institutional Training

SOST 32414               Operational Research I

SOST 32424               Intermediate Macroeconomics

SOST 32434               Information Systems and Database Management

SOST 32444               Nonparametric Methods

SOST 32452               Skill Development II  (Data Management Skills)


Level Three

SOST  41414               Applied econometrics

SOST  41424              Sampling Techniques

SOST  41434              Development Economics

SOST 41444               Demographic Techniques

SOST 42414               Operational Research II

SOST 42424               Experimental designs

SOST 42434               Statistical Methods

SOST 43448               Dissertation

SOST 42452               Skill Development III (Language Skills)