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B. A. Hons ( Vidyalankara), M. Sc. (A.I.T.), PG Dip. (Colombo)



Senior Lecturer I

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Specialized Field

Regional Development



"The Geographical Landscape of Dambulla", (1988), First Archaeological Excavation and Research Rreport, Central Cultural fund, Ministry of Cultural Affairs,

"Housing in Sri Lanka",(1988), text for the map of housing, The National Atlas of Sri Lanka, Survey department.

"The struggle for survival of an aboriginal group: Veddas of Sri Lanka, (1993), Indigenous   Land Rights Commonwealth Countries, ed.  Garth Cant et al. University of Canterbury,.

"Land Use Changes and related issues in Colombo Metropolitan Region of Sri Lanka" (2000), Land Use and Cover Change, ed. R.B.Sing, Jefferson Fox, Yukio Himiyama, Science Publishers INC, Enfield, USA

"An Article on District Integrated Rural Development Program as a new approach to Development in Sri Lanka",(1983), The Journal of Development Geography, Education publications department in Sri Lanka.

"Population and housing in Sri Lanka", (1986), an article, Hasuna, a Journal of population studies, Ministry of States.

Text for the map on housing in Sri Lanka, (1991),the School Atlas of Sri Lanka, Survey Department.

“Drought as a Natural Hazard”, (2003), An article published in Bhauma Vidya - 4 ,  the Journal of the geographical society, University of Kelaniya,

"Rural Poverty in Sri Lanka", (2004), An article published in Bhauma Vidya-5, the Journal of the geographical society, University of Kelaniya,

"Land use Changes in Hambantota District", (2005), Hambantota  District, Central Cultural Fund.

Peasant Economy based on Small Tanks in Sri Lanka, (2007), an article published in Bhauma Vidya-8, the Journal of the Geography and Development Studies Society, University of Kelaniya,


Diploma In GIS

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Diploma In  Disaster Management

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Forthcoming Degree Program

Master of Development Planning and Practice - March 2018




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