Postgraduate Courses
Department of Geography

Geography is a subject taught for the M.A. Degree and also for the MSSc. postgraduate course, which are conducted by the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kelaniya. Department of Geography has launched these courses with the intention of providing opportunities to the students who are keen on pursuing advanced studies in Geography.  Since the main objective of a postgraduate course is to develop the skills of the candidate in a specific subject area, the department expects to motivate the postgraduate students to engage themselves in assignments, independent studies, field observations and research, seminars, group discussions, and to use the library facilities,  rather than depending on lectures.

After completing the course, it is expected that every candidate would have broadened their knowledge in Geography and developed an ability to conduct an individual research project. Staff members of the department with so many years of experience in various aspects of Geography will help the students to reach this goal.
The Courses offered by the Department of Geography

  1. Master of Arts (Course Work)
  2. Master of Social Sciences (by Coursework & Research)
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Regional Planning
  4. Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)
  5. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Lectures will be delivered for the programmers bearing numbers 1, 2, and 3.   Experienced staff members will be assigned as supervisors to candidates registered for MA and PhD courses.

    1. Master of Arts (Coursework)
    2. Master of Social Sciences (Coursework and Research)
    1. Master of Arts (Course Work)

This course unit consists of 6 question papers
GEOG  M  01 -  Tropical Environment
GEOG M 02   - Economic and Social Development of Sri  Lanka
GEOG  M 03   - Resources and Development
GEOG  M 04   -  Urban and Regional Planning
GEOG  M 05   - Population Studies
GEOG  M 06   -  Research Methodology in Geography  or
GEOG M 06.1  - Dissertation

2.2 Master of Social Sciences (Coursework and     Research )

GEOG  M  01  .-  Tropical Environment
GEOG M 02     -  Economic and Social Development of Sri Lanka
GEOG  M 03   -   Resources and Development
GEOG  M 04   -   Urban and Regional Planning
GEOG  M 05   -   Population Studies
GEOG  M 06   -   Research Methodology in Geography
GEOG  M 07   -   Dissertation

a dissertation of 8000-10000 words should be submitted at the end of the second year.

GEOG M 01  Tropical Environment

The purpose of this course is to provide a broad knowledge of the exceptionality of the tropical environment, by concentrating natural phenomena, with special reference to synoptic metrology, thunderstorms, cyclone, drought, floods, soil, flora and fauna, and biotic -  component occurred in tropical environments, participation in field trips is an essential components in this course.

GEOG M 02  Economic & Social Development of Sri Lanka

The broad objective of this course is to identify geographical factors that affects development patterns and the resultant changes.  It also provides a background knowledge to students who are engaged in research on socio-economic landscape of the country.  The approach of its course would be regional and topical.

GEOG M 03  Resources and Development

The main purpose of this academic field is to give an impression on the realities of the necessity of resources for development and the relationship between resources and development.

It is expected to identify the dynamic nature of resources and development, by giving specific attention to the concepts of

GEOG M 04  Urban and Regional Development

The objective of this course unit is to study urbanization and regional economic growth as spatial aspect of socio-economic development in the developed and developing countries special
emphasis is given to factors associated with urban settlement characteristics and regional inequality.

Theories and models on regional and urban development forces causing regional disparities and urban - rural interactions are major themes that will be discussed.  The role of small and medium size towns in planning for under developed areas, rural-urban integration, changing role of urban and regional economies in a global zing world and new trends in regional development will be studies in this course.

GEOG M 05  Population Studies

The aim of this course is to explain the interrelationships between human environment, human activities and the demographic process.  Special attention will be paid not only to the factors affecting the demographic process but also on the effects of the demographic process.

Emphasis is laid on the theories and concepts that describe and explain the demographic process and their current applicability.  In describing the mechanism of the demographic process special attention is paid to the developing countries.  Also, the demographic experiences of the developed countries are dealt with.  It is expected to make students sufficiently aware of the analytical methods used to describe the demographic process.

GEOG M 06  Research Methods in Geography

The main objective of this course unit is to develop the research capabilities of the postgraduate students. 
Identification of the research problems, formulating hypothesis, data and nature of data, sampling, data collection, data analysis and presentation, testing hypothesis and preparation of the research report are the main components of the course module.

In addition the students will be trained on various research techniques that are used in Geography.

GEOG M 07 Dissertations

As a partial fulfillment of the MSSc  Degree, a theses written on a topic within the scope of Geography around (8000-10000 words ) should be submitted to the faculty of Social Sciences.

  • Lectures will be held on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm.
  • Students are expected to participate in field (research) trips /  field work and the field trip should be organized by the students themselves under the guidance of the academic staff.
  • Research topics of the independent study (dissertation) should be proposed by the students and for this purpose they will be guided by the members of the staff.
  • Students who are expecting to sit for MA / GEOG M 06.1 and MSSc /  M 07 should submit their research proposals and obtain the approval of the department within two months from commencement of lectures.
  • A brief presentation regarding the research proposal is expected from each student who are following GEOG M 07.   They are expected to explain the objectives of the study the methodology and data and data  analysis in this presentation.  The members of the staff will participate in this seminar.

Professor NK Dangalle
BA Hons,(Cey), MA (Flinders), PhD(P'deniya)
Senior Professor of Geography

Prof. RKLM Dharmasiri
B. A. (Kelaniya), M. A. (SKU), PG Dip. (AUN), M. Sc. (AUN), Ph.D. (India)

Prof. UA Chandrasena
BA Hons.(Vidyalankara), M Sc. (AIT), Postgraduate Diploma in
Land Settlement and Development (Colombo)

Dr. AG Amarasinghe
BA Hons,  M.Phil (Peradeniya), PhD (Kelaniya) 
Certificate in Geology (Moratuwa)

Dr. Nishan Sakalasooriya
B. A. (Kelaniya),MSSc .(Kelaniya), PhD(Minnesota/Kelaniya)

Waniganeththi, W V W G
B. A.  Hons. (Kelaniya),MDS(Colombo) - Senior Lecturer II

Rathnasekara S R L S
B. A.  Hons. (Kelaniya)- Senior Lecturer II

Wijesekara K A S S
B. A. Hons. (Colombo), M.Sc(Peradeniya) - Senior Lecturer II



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