Geography is one of the oldest Departments of the University of Kelaniya. Established in 1959, it has changed considerably over the past four decades. First, the framework of its curriculum has been continuously revised in order to accommodate the new developments taking place in the discipline. These changes have helped the Department to play an integrative role between social and environmental sciences.

The composition of the academic staff, too, has been enriched through the recruitment of gradates from different Universities; third, an increasing emphasis has been laid on fieldwork with a view to improving the research skills of its undergraduates.Today, the Department of Geography stands at the crossroads of Social Sciences, Commerce and Management, natural Science and Medical Sciences. Equipped with its spatial analytical tool, the discipline as well as the Department has the potential to co-operate in research generated in the above-mentioned areas. The graduates of the Department have been able to find employment without much difficulty as Land use Planners, Planning Officers, Urban Planners and Environmental Officers, to name a few areas of employment. This proves that the training provided to students for conducting independent research studies has paid dividends. At the first-degree level, the Department of Geography conducts two basic programmes: B.A. General and B.A. Special (Geography and Development Studies). It also conducts a postgraduate degree programme, which leads the degree of Master of Social Sciences (M.S.Sc.) in Geography. In addition to these degree programmes, the Department has introduced Diploma in Disaster Management and Diploma in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The Department has resources to conduct Ph.D. programmes. The Department of Geography has made a valuable contribution to education and national development of Sri Lanka. A Former Professor M.P. Perera was instrumental in publishing the Demographic Atlas of Sri Lanka and the National Atlas of Sri Lanka. R.K.L.M. Dharmasiri present Professor of Geography. Other members of the academic staff, too, are involved in a number of projects. The Department, as whole, plays an active role in the Sri Lanka Association of Geographers.


Diploma In GIS

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The 2nd National Conference of

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