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B.A. General Degree Course Unit


Syllabus - History B.A. (General)

Level I

HIST 11214  History of the Ancient World: Earliest Civilizations of Asia and Europe

HIST 12224  Political History of Ancient Sri Lanka from Earliest Times up to to the End of the 15th Century A.C.


Level II

HIST 21015  History of India up to 1526 A.C.

HIST 21022  Civilization of Ancient Sri Lanka

HIST 22025  History of India from 1526 A.C. to 1947 A.C.

HIST 22042  Sri Lanka and Western Colonial Powers


Level III

HIST 31015  History of Sri Lanka from 1467 A.C. to 1972 A.C.

HIST 31022  South Asia since World War II

HIST 32045  History of Europe from 1453 A.C. to 1945 A.C.

HIST 32062  Modern Society of Sri Lanka