Interactive Seminar on Bibliometric & Scientometric Analysis for Research Management

27 – 29 th July 2015

Organized by Department of Library & Information Science

University of Kelaniya


This workshop aims the assessment of research performance and focuses on the contribution of scholarly work and scientific publications using IT Tools and Techniques.

It is expected to train the participants in the following areas:

  • Providing an overview of Scientometric Tools & Techniques and scientific productivity

  • Retrieving Data from Indexing Databases available for Sri Lankan academic community and extracting data using HISTCITE, BIBEXCEL and PoP Citation and Indexing.

  • Google Scholar, Emerald, PUBMED and other data bases etc. will be used for the analysis.

  • Mapping of Research Analysis using Open Source Software (Vos Viewer, CiteSpace, Free Mind, Popplet)

  • Citation analysis and Creating Citation Profile

  • Testing of Bibliometric Laws

  • Index Calculation ( H-Index, G-Index, Priority Index, specialization Index, etc.)