Interactive Seminar on Bibliometric & Scientometric Analysis for Research Management

27 – 29 th July 2015

Organized by Department of Library & Information Science

University of Kelaniya

Outcomes expected form the workshop

The University of Kelaniya expects to support the Sri Lankan academic and research community by inculcating necessary skills among them. The Department of Library & Information Science is the dynamic partner in this endeavor and expects to build up a knowledge base in bibliomatrics among Sri Lankan academic sector.

The workshop in ‘bibliometric & scientometric in research management’ expect to propagate knowledge among academic researchers about assessing their own research performances and their contribution to the area of research.

The participants will also learn how their research work is cited by other scholars and creating citation profiles, mapping research analysis using Open Source Software, testing of Bibliometric Laws and calculation of impact indexes such as H-Index, G-Index, Priority Index, specialization Index, etc. The will be highly useful in assessing individual research profiles and in calculating university/institutional ranking.