LISC 21414

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Type / Status : Core

Course Code : LISC 21414

Course Title : Universe of Knowledge

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course, the students will be able to express their competences on the formation of subjects and to distinguish from general to specific subject fields at different levels. They also will be able to customize their capabilities with library classification. They will acquire competences related to and the book publishing and related areas.


Course Content:

Universe of knowledge, Introduction to knowledge, definitions, Layers and formation of knowledge, Types and classification of knowledge, Acquisition and growth of knowledge, Definition of subjects, Introduction to subject formation and Ranganathan’s contribution, Natural Sciences and Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and their development, present trends; Information society; Information for development; Knowledge management, and Indigenous knowledge with special reference to Sri Lanka. ; Book publishing and printing, new trends, publishing industry in the world with special reference to Sri Lanka; Copyright and intellectual property laws, copyright of e-resources; Censorship with special reference to Sri Lanka


Methods of Teaching and Learning:

Lectures/ Tutorials/ Presentations/ Practical sessions/ Creative activities

Assessment Procedure

Methods of Evaluation

Allocation of marks










LISC 21414 - Universe of Knowledge

LISC 21424 - Libraries and Their Development

LISC 21434 - Reference Services and Sources

LISC 21444 - Sources in Major Disciplines and Literature Survey Practical

LISC 21454 - Information Technology Application in Libraries

LISC 21460 - Creative and Technical English

LISC 22414 - Organization of Knowledge: Classification Theory

LISC 22424 - Organization of Knowledge: Catalouging Theory

LISC 22434 - Collection Development and User Services

LISC 22444 - Library Automation

LISC 22450 - Creative and Technical English

LISC 31412 - Library Building and Standards

LISC 31424 - Organization of Knowledge: Classification Practical

LISC 31434 - Organization of Knowledge: Catalouging Practical

LISC 31443 - Advanced Classification Practical

LISC 31453 - Advanced Catalouging Practical

LISC 31463 - Introduction to Network Technology

LISC 31474 - Internet and Virtual Resources in Libraries

LISC 31482 - Statistics for Library and Information Science

LISC 31490 - Creative and Technical English

LISC 32414 - National and International Information Systems and Networks

LISC 32424 - Library Advocacy and Policy Development

LISC 32434 - Research Methodology

LISC 32444 - Internship/Library Training

LISC 32452 - Reading, Readership and Developmental Reading

LISC 32460 - Creative and Technical English

LISC 41414 - Database Management and Internet Programming

LISC 41424 - Digital Libraries, Software Organization and Maintenance

LISC 41434 - Documentation, Services and Centers

LISC 41444 - Information and Knowledge Management Practical

LISC 41454 - Library and Information Management

LISC 41464 - Information Science, Services and Sources

LISC 41470 - Creative and Technical English

LISC 42413 - Computer Project Practical

LISC 42423 - Record Management, Conservation and Preservation

LISC 42434 - Communication and Presentation Skills for LIS Proffesionals

LISC 42444 - Creative and Technical English

LISC 42458 - Dissertation

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