LISC 42423

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Type / Status : Core

Course Code : LISC 42422

Course Title : Record Management, Conservation and Preservation

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course, students will be able to manage records and to apply principles of conservation and preservation of documents both printed and non-printed.

Course Content:

Record Management: Current Records, Semi-current and inactive records management; Archives management: Preservation and Conservation: Book repair and binding; Concept of preservation and conservation of library materials from printed to digital formats, Restoration of Archival and Library materials, Preservation Programme: Enemies of Archival and Library Materials: Human, Biological, Chemical and Disasters such as Floods, Fire; Restoration Techniques: Tissue, Repair, Lamination, Encapsulation, De-acidification, Fumigation, Sublimation; Reprography: History of Reprography, Reprography Techniques, Equipment, Material; Computer Scanning; National Achieves as a centre for primary Sources with Special reference to Sri Lanka.

Methods of Teaching and Learning:

Lectures/ Tutorials/ Presentations/ Practical sessions/ Creative activities

Assessment Procedure

Methods of Evaluation

Allocation of marks









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LISC 42423 - Record Management, Conservation and Preservation

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LISC 42444 - Creative and Technical English

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