LISC 11023

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Type / Status : Core

Course Code : LISCE 11023 / 11063

Title : Information Literacy and Information Skills

Learning outcome : By the end of this course unit the students will be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  1. Information literacy

  2. Effective use of libraries, print and electronic sources of information

  3. Using internet for information searching

  4. Reading and related skills

  5. Evaluation skills

Course content :

Information literacy: components. Information sources, printed and electronic; Information searching using printed sources and Internet; Introduction to WWW, Browsers and Search engines, Subject gateways; Effective use of libraries: Location of information through catalogues. Bibliographies indexes and abstracts. Reading skills, and purposes: reading for information, skimming, scanning, comprehension, note taking. Evaluation of sources of information and self-evaluation of assignments.

Method of Teaching and Learning : Lectures, Presentations, Group discussions, Practical sessions

Assessment : Written examination, assignments, practical sessions and presentations

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