Interactive Seminar on Bibliometric & Scientometric Analysis for Research Management

27 – 29 th July 2015

Organized by Department of Library & Information Science

University of Kelaniya


Bibliometric and Scientometric analysis is a methodology used for studying growth pattern of publications, citation analysis, calculate the impact factor of a journal title, development of scope and spectrum of any area of research. This methodology is popularly used for ranking of scholarly output of researchers and institutions and identifying the centres of excellence in academia.

Citation analysis and other bibliometric methods and techniques have been in use for research evaluation exercises around the world. Research management has significant effect over the work and carrier of millions of researchers and expenditure spent upon obtaining e- journals and e-resources. It is observed that an awareness, education and training in Bibliometrics & Scientometrics have not been created among Sri Lankan researchers hence this interactive workshop aims to fulfill this knowledge gap.