Message of Rev. Lagumdeniye Piyarathana Thero

Head of the Department of Library and Information Science


It is with great pleasure I issue this message as the current Head of the Department of Library and Information Science. The Department has a proud record of being the only academic department within the university system of Sri Lanka to train the library professionals and paraprofessionals in the country. During the period of over fifty years of its existence, The department has provided the academic exposure and insight to the vast majority of Sri Lankan library professionals and paraprofessionals, thus ensuring their career prospects in particular and helping the country enjoy a better library service  through human resource development in general.

The department is now equipped with a well-qualified academic staff and other infrastructure facilities  to conduct the multitude of academic programmes it offers at undergraduate, post graduate and diploma levels. It is in the process of revising the curricula to suit the changes taking place in the fields of generation and dissemination of information. The department's location in one of the best universities in the country, the University of Kelaniya, offers it the rich academic atmosphere nourished with over 600 academics in different disciplines whose indirect influence and guidance assist us steer the department. It is also a blessing to be located in the outskirts of the city of  Colombo where a very large proportion of libraries and information centres are in operation thus providing our students with easy access to these institutions for their interaction with them.

While taking this opportunity to place on record my sincere gratitude for all previous heads of the department and others who were instrumental in bringing the department to its present level, I wish the department, its staff and students success in all their endeavors.