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B.A. General Degree Course Units


MACO 11014    Principles of Communication

MACO 11032    Mass Media and Society

MACO 12024    History of Mass Media

MACO 12042    Mass Media Law and Ethics

MACO 21014    Language and Communication

MACO 21032    Development Communication

MACO 22024    Development, Use of Mass Media and Media Ethics

MACO 31014    Folklore and Creative Communication

MACO 31032    Creative Communication

MACO 32024    Mass Communication Research

B.A. Special Degree Course Units


MACO 21516    Principles of Communication

MACO 21526    History of media

MACO 21536    Applied Communication

MACO 22546    Media and Society

MACO 22556    Language and Communication

MACO 22566    Mass Communication Research

MACO 31516    Creative Communication

MACO 31526    Cross Cultural Communication Studies

MACO 31536    Media Law and Ethics

MACO 31543    Film Media Studies I

MACO 31553    Print Media Studies I

MACO 32566    Development Communication

MACO 32576    Public Relations and Management Communication

MACO 32583    Communication in Marketing and Advertising

MACO 32593    Television Media Studies I

MACO 32603    Broadcasting Media Studies I

MACO 41516    Information Science & Technology

MACO 41526    Communication Criticism

MACO 41533    Film Media Studies II

MACO 41543    Print Media Studies II

MACO 41552    Group Seminar (Special Trends In Mass Communication)

MACO 42563    Methods of Translation

MACO 42576    Television Media Studies II

MACO 42583    Broadcasting Media Studies II

MACO 42603    Practical Proficiency

MACO 4262X   Dissertation

MACO 42693 Visual Arts and Multimedia Studies

Undergraduate courses

  • Course units for other departments of the Faculty of Social Sciences and faculty of Humanities.
  • In  International Relations (B.A. Sp)International communication) (Dept, of Economics)
  • In Political sciences (B.A.Sp) (Political communication) (Dept, of Economics)
  • In Marketing (B.B.Mgt.Sp) ( Marketing Communication)

Diploma in Mass Communication

  • MACO DIP 01 Communication Foundation
  • MACO DIP 02 Mass Media and Society
  • MACO DIP 03 Applied Communication
  • MACO DIP 04 Creative Communication


Postgraduate Studies

  • Ph.D in Mass Communication
  • MPhil in Mass Communication
  • M.S.Sc in Mass communication
  • M.A in Mass communication