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The discipline of Mass communication started in 1973 as a carrier oriented undergraduate course. The founding committee members appointed by the UGC in 1973 were Prof. Wimal Dissanayaka, Prof. Sunanda Mahendra, D.C. Ranathunge,Edwin Ariyadasa, Prof. M.B Ariyapala and Prof. Ediriwira Sarachchandra. Founding lecturers were Prof. Wimal Dissanayaka and Prof. Sunanda Mahendra. while Edwin Ariyadasa, D.B Nihalsinghe K. Jayathilaka, W.D Amaradewa,D.C Ranathunga and Piyasiri Gunarathna were appointed as visiting Lecturers. Courses were conducted in Sinhala, Tamil, and English (Tamil and English courses were continued up to 1982 only).

Studies of Mass Communication as an university academic discipline from 1973 to 2013 has now reached its 40 years of teaching and researching in Sri Lankan context, so that we proud to say that we have produced a number of academics and professionals in this field of media and communication and they have been contributing a lot in these fields focusing into national development and international relations.

We, the department of Mass Communication, as being the pioneer in the university studies of Mass Communication in Sri Lanka  would like to extend our strengthens and capacities delimiting  to the technology and space on  behalf of  making a profound and prolific interrelations with more and more  national and international academic and industrial sectors of  media and communication.

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