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Course Code           

: SOCI 11014

Course Title

: Basic Concepts of Sociology

Learning Outcome :

Sociology can be defined as the scientific study of human society and human behavior. Students will understand the relationship between people who face complexity in a modern dynamic society. This subject pays attention to several fields for the benefit of those who seek knowledge of the theoretical aspects of this subject. These are: knowledge of human society, factors which help maintain its unity, main flows in it, and how people create social institutions and the effects of them on humans. At the end of the course students will have gained the following feasibilities:

  • Analyze the society through various sociological theories and thoughts.

  • Understand the dynamics of social institutions and their roles through theoretical issues.

  • Understand the visibility of cultural effects on human groups and the effects of human activity on culture.

  • Provide scientific analysis of social phenomenon such as groups and organizational behavior.

  • Provide visible knowledge on the effects of modernity on society.

Course Contents       


Origin and Development of Sociology, Relationship and Disparities between Sociology and Social Anthropology, Sociology and Other Social Science, Society: Social Interaction, Social Relationship, Social Structure and Organization, Socialization and Its New trends, Agencies of Socialization, Status and role: Role Conflict and Conflict Management, Social Groups and their Functions: Primary and Secondary Groups, Social Stratification: Cast, Class, Gender, Ethnicity and race, Major Social Institutions and their Functions and its new trends: Family, Economy, politics, Education, Religion, Law and Custom, Bureaucracy and Organizational Behavior, Social Control: Formal and Informal Strategies of Controlling.

Method of Teaching and Learning

: Lectures and Tutorials


: Written Examination