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Course Code           

: SOCI 12024

Course Title

: Applied Sociology

Learning Outcome 


This Course is to introduce conceptual and theoretical knowledge to the students to study various social incidents and problems. Social incidents and problems are rapidly spreading with the changes of the human society. A student of the processes of social change is included in applied sociology. At the end of this study students will understand the relevancy of sociological knowledge on change, social incidents and human behavior. By the end of course students will have gained the following feasibilities:

  • Analyze the society and its change through various sociological theories and thoughts.
  • Gain knowledge on social phenomenon and problems through various theoretical issues.
  • Providing scientific analysis of sociological phenomenon such as groups and organizational behavior.
  • Giving visible knowledge on the effects of modernity on society.

Course Contents       


Introduction, To Applied Sociology: History and its role, Applied Sociology and Research: Using Scientific Methods, Development and Under Development concept in Sociological perspective, Development and planning, Social Change in Sri Lanka: Commercialization, Modernization, Urbanization, Westernization and their effects, Multi Social forms in Sri Lanka, Ethnic Conflict and its new trends, population: Migration patterns, population problems and Sri Lankan Experience, Sociological analysis on Community Development and Welfare with special reference to social development in Sri Lanka, Social Problems and Applied Sociology: Poverty, Crime and Deviance, Prostitution, Drug Addiction, Suicide, Beggars, Social Work: What is social work, Role of the Social Worker, Approaches to Social Work.

Method of Teaching and Learning

: Lectures and Tutorials


: Written Examination