: Core


Course Code           

: SOCI 21014

Course Title

: Sociological theory

Learning Outcome 


The objective of this Course is to give sufficient knowledge on the classical era of sociology with the creation on human society. It helps to absorb new theory on human society. At the end of the course students will have gained the following feasibilities:

  • Gain knowledge on sociological thinkers in classical era.

  • Analyze the society theoretical issues.

Course Contents       


The theoretical background of sociology, Scientific Method and the Theory, Functions of the Theory and the problems of their usage, The history of Sociology: The analysis of the theory of Social Evolution of August Comte, Sociological thought of Herbert Spenser: Organic Model, The classical thought of Sociology, Karl Marx: Historical and Dialectical Materialism, Economic Determinism, Class and Social Stratification, Alienation, Max Weber: Multiple Approaches of  Social Stratification, Religion and Capitalist Development, The Concept of power, Emile Durkheim: The Model of Social Evolution, The Study of Suicide, Study of Religion, Modern Sociological Thoughts, Functionalism, Talcott parson’s Sociological thought, Micro and Macro Analysis on the Society, Conflict Theory and Neo- Marxist’s School, Social Interactions.

Method of Teaching and Learning

: Lectures and Tutorials


: Written Examination