: Core


Course Code           

: SOCI 22024

Course Title

: Culture and Development

Learning Outcome 


To train students to study the concept of development by utilizing sociological aspects to identify various cultures and its characteristics. By the end of the course students will have gained the following feasibility:

  • Identify the relationship between development and culture.

  • Understand the social change and social problems.

  • Identify the relationship between development and underdevelopment.

Course Contents       


The concept of Culture: Identifying Culture and the nature of Culture, Sociological Aspect of Development, Sustainable Development, The Relationship between Social and Cultural Development, Cultural Characteristics in Development: Values and Motivations, Social and Cultural Barriers which arise in the development process, The Concept of Modernization: The Nature of Modernization process, Identifying the patterns of Diffusion of Innovations, Modernization of Developing Countries, Cultural Conflicts: Cultural Shock, traditional – Modern, rural – urban and ethnic conflicts and their an effect Society, Social States of Women: Identifying the Impact of traditional status and role of women, Gender:  Women’s Liberation and male domination, social change and cultural change: industrialization, urbanization, westernization and globalization towards the new face of culture. Cultural Change and Social Problems: youth unrest, sexual problems, sexually transmitted diseases, domestic violence.

Method of Teaching and Learning

: Lectures and Tutorials


: Written Examination