: Core


Course Code           

: SOCI 31014

Course Title

: South Asian Society

Learning Outcome 


  • Analyze the society through various sociological theories and thoughts.

The objective of this course is to give knowledge to students on basic concepts, methodologies and data collection techniques used in sociological research. By the end of the course students will have gained the following feasibilities:

  • Creation of a research problem.

  • Building a research frame.

  • Identify the suitable research techniques.

  • Data collection and analysis.

  • Prepare a research report.

Course Contents       


How to use the Research Methods in Social Sciences and Scientific Method, The necessity of Research for Sociology, Historical Research, Experimental research and Hypothetical Research, Research Designs: A Comparative Study on Survey Method and Field Research, Research Process: Identification of Research Problems, Defining of Concepts, Research Planning and Implementation, Research Ethnics, Methods of Data Collecting Techniques: The Questionnaire Method, Observation, The Interview, Case Study, Use of Secondary Sources, Usage of Sampling methods for research: probability and Non – Probability Sampling Methods, The Methods of data Analysis and Presentation of Data, Analysis of Data: Elementary Statistical Methods, Measurements of Central Tendency and Measurements of Deviation.

Method of Teaching and Learning

: Lectures and Tutorials


: Written Examination