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Course Code           

: SOCI 32024

Course Title

: South Asian Society

Learning Outcome 


Study the social structure and culture by giving special reference to society in Sri Lanka and India. The main objective in this course is to give basic knowledge on Sri Lankan society and create sensitivity among students. By the end of the course students will have gained the following feasibility:

  • Providing knowledge on geographical background and culture in South Asia.

  • Rural societies and studies on its change.

  • Studies on development attempts.

Course Contents       


Geographical and Socio – cultural background of South Asia. Rural South Asia: Studies of Peasant Society, Rural South Asian Society, Changes of rural society, the ideas of classical school, Urban South Asia: Nature of urbanization, problems of urban areas, the relationship between the village and the city, Social Stratification in South Asia: The cast system in India and Sri Lanka, class system and its resent trends. Study of the concept of kinship, family and marriage in the Sri Lankan social structure and organization. Modernization and the collapse of the traditional family system, Religions in South Asia: The Sociological study on Hinduism and Buddhism, The consistency of Religion in the culture of India and Sri Lanka, Development Strategies with special reference to Sri Lanka, Green revolution, Tourism, Free Trade Zones and new agriculture settlements. Primitive human group in Sri Lanka.

Method of Teaching and Learning

: Lectures and Tutorials


: Written Examination