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Course Code

: SOCI 21536

Course Title

: Contemporary Sociology


: Core

Course Objective


The objective of this course is to develop a platform to discuss current social issues in the sociological point of view in the modern social world in generally and in Sri Lanka in particularly.

Course Contents       


The need of Study Contemporary Social Issues.
Sociology of Environment
Relationship between Nature and Culture, Theoretical Perspectives on Environment, Development and Problems of Environment,
Management of Environment
Traditional and Modern Knowledge systems on Natural Resource Management, Environmental Policies and Planning in Sri Lanka.
Medical Sociology
Physical and Mental Health, Behaviour of Patients, Relationship between Patients, Doctors and other Medical Staff, Socio-Cultural Interpretations of Health and Diseases, Traditional and Modern Health Care Systems with Special Reference to Sri Lanka, Health and Development.
Sociology of Youth
Biological and Social Construction of Youth, Youth and Identity, Youth and Politics, Youth and Development, Youth Unrest in Sri Lanka, Career Guidance to Develop Positive Attitudes among Youth.
Sociology of Gender
The Difference between Gender and Sex, Development of Feminism, Feminist Critiques of Inequality such as Work, Education, Politics, Marital and family Relations, Is Gender Equality Possible?
Sociology of Art
Society and Art, Art as a Form of Expression, Classical and Popular Art, Social Reality and Art.
Sociology of War
Race, Ethnicity and other Diversities of Mankind, Majority and Minority, The Problem of International Terrorism, The Problem of Human Rights Violations, Ethnic Problem in Sri Lanka and its Recent Trends.



Lectures and Class Room Works.

System of Evaluation


1. Written Paper: 80%

2. One Compulsory Presentation: 20%