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: 1

Course Code

: SOCI 31536

Course Title

:Rural Sociology


: Core

Course Objective


This course attempts to emphasis the importance of the rural society in sociological analysis as well as in development process with special reference to the Sri Lankan society. Most of materials related to this course are based on the ethnography of Sri Lanka and India.

Course Contents   :

The History of Rural Sociology, The Relation between Rural Sociology and Urban Sociology.
Peasant Society and Rural Sociology
The Contribution of Robert Redfield, A. L. Kroeber, Raymond Firth, Eric R. Wolf, Theodor Shanin, T. S. Epstein and M. N. Srinivas.
Rural Sociology and Sri Lankan Rural Society
The Pioneer Sociological and Social Anthropological Studies on Rural Society of Sri Lanka.
Rural Social Change in Sri Lanka
Pre-Colonial Period, Colonial Period and Post Colonial Period.
Rural Social Structure and Culture
Family, Kinship, Marriage and Caste, Land Ownership and Land Tenure in Sri Lanka.
Rural Development
Village Expansion Scheme and Colonisation Scheme, Mahaweli Accelerated Development Program, Modern Development Attempts in Rural Society of Sri Lanka.
A Compulsory Presentation
This presentation should be based on a classical study on rural society of Sri Lanka.



Lectures and Class Room Works.

System of Evaluation


1. Written Paper: 80%

2. One Compulsory Presentation: 20%, this presentation should be based on a classical study on rural society of Sri Lanka or India.