: Three



: 2

Course Code

: SOCI 32556

Course Title

: Political Sociology


: Core

Course Objective


The main objective of this course is to provide a general introduction to political issues in contemporary society. It is common that politics has penetrated all social activities in the society. Through the introduction of the concepts and theories of political sociology, it will give an understanding about this social and cultural factors related to the process of politics.

Course Contents


The Objectives and Scope of Political Sociology, Historical Development of Political Sociology.
Social Institutions
Political Institution and the other Social Institutions, The Social Functions of Political Institution, Politicisation of Social Institutions.
The Political Structure and Society
Government and Civil Society, Citizenship and Human Rights, Political Impacts on Society, New Political Order in Sri Lanka – Local Level, Provincial Level and National Level Political Structure and Organisation.
Politics and Party System
Leadership, Followers, Interest Groups and Election System, The Role of Minority Political Parties.
State and Political Conflicts
Violence and Terrorism, Insurrection, Sri Lankan Experiences.
Ethnic Problem
The Concept of Majority and Minority, The Theory of Nation-State and Homeland, Separatism, Tamil-Sinhalese Ethnic Problem and Political Solution in Sri Lanka.
Politics and Development
The Nature between Developed and Third World, Politics, Development and Planning, Sri Lankan Experiences, Political Globalisation.
A Compulsory Presentation
This Presentation Topic should be based on One of the Current Political Issues or One of Text Books (Book Review).



Lectures and Class Room Works.

System of Evaluation


1. Written Paper: 80%

2. One Compulsory Presentation: 20%