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Course Code

: SOCI 32566

Course Title

: Social Psychology


: Core

Course Objective


This course introduces basic concepts and theories of social psychology which help to analyse the individual and group behaviour. The primary objective of the course is to provide the knowledge that enables them to apply this conceptual and theoretical knowledge to understand real life situations relating to individuals and groups.

Course Contents


Definitions, Nature and Scope of Social Psychology, Relationship with other Sciences.
Social Construction of Self
Process of Socialisation, Development of Personality, Cultural Impacts with Special References to C. H. Cooley, G. H. Mead, and Ervin Goffman, Self-Perception and Presentation – Concept of Self-Identity, Maintenance of Self – Image.
Social Perception and Attribution
Impression Formation, Organisation of Person Perception, Attribution Models, Attribution Biases.
Loneliness, Affiliation, Attraction and Sexuality
Loneliness and Its Social Impacts, Nature of Affiliation, Interpersonal Attraction, Human Sexuality – The Development of Sexual Relationships, Changes in Sexual Attitudes and Behaviour.
The Nature of Attitudes, Theoretical Perspectives of Changing Attitudes, Changing Attitudes through Persuasion, Attitudes and Behaviour.
Conformity, Compliances and Prejudice
Social Norms, Social Pressure, Factors Influencing Conformity, Compliance – The Foot-in –the-Door Technique, The Door-in-the-Face Technique, and The Low-Ball Technique, Prejudice and Discrimination – Theories of Prejudice, Reducing Intergroup Hostility.
Aggression and Violence
Violence in Our Society, What is Aggression – Biological Basis of Aggression, Frustration and Aggression Theory, Situational Determinants of Aggression, The Victims of Violence.
Groups, Leadership and Organisation
What is Group, Group Structure, Group Processes, Leadership, Behaviour in Organisations – Individuals in Organisation, Groups in Organisation.
Social Psychology and Quality of Life
Measuring the Quality of Life, Domains of Life Satisfaction, Economic Well-Being – Coping with Economic Pressure, Work and the Quality of Life – Job Satisfaction and Discrimination, Marriage – Marriage Satisfaction, Marital Dissatisfaction, Aging – Life Satisfaction through the Life Cycle, Loss of Control.




System of Evaluation


1. Written Paper: 100%