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Course Code

: SOCI 41536

Course Title

: Development Sociology


: Core

Course Objective


The objective of this course is to give in-depth understanding on development discourse in the modern world and to make platform to discuss Sri Lankan experience with special reference to the post independent era in Sri Lanka.

Course Contents


The Concept of Development
Distinction between Economic Development, Social Development and Sustainable Development, Pre-requisites of Development, Measurement of Development.
The Theories of Development
Early Theories of Development, Myrdal’s (Spread Effect v. Backwash Effect) and Hirschman’s (Trickling Down vs. Polarisation) Theories of Development, Wallerstein’s World System Theory (World Economy vs. World Empire).
The Concept of Underdevelopment
Basic Characteristics of Underdevelopment,
The Theories of Underdevelopment
Dependency Theory (with special reference to A. G. Frank, Samir Amin, Arghiri Emmanuel and Giovanni Arrighi), Soft and Hard models of Dependency, Modernization and Underdevelopment.
Development Planning
The Meaning of Development Planning, The Basic Elements of Development Planning, Various Types of Planning (Problem Based Planning, Resource Based Planning, Rural, Regional and National Development Planning).
State and Development
State Intervention and Development (The process of development of Sri Lanka during 20th century and the role of the state), The Problems of Governance.
Social Values, Attitudes and Development
Social and Cultural Dynamics on Development, Negative and Positive Views and Development.
Community Development
Meaning of Community Development, Needs of Community Development, Planning of Community Based Development Project, Participatory Representative Technique and Sri Lankan Experiences.



Lectures and Class Room Works.

System of Evaluation


1. Written Paper: 80%

2. One Compulsory Presentation: 20%