: Four



: 2

Course Code

: SOCI 21516

Course Title

: Comparative Sociology


: Core

Course Objective


The main objective of this course is to give better understand on the comparative analysis of different social spheres in the world, especially give opportunity to compare with other societies, stages of social development, and processes of mankind. Through this effort, the student must enhance their critical knowledge on various social phenomenons.

Course Contents


Introduction to Comparative Sociology and its Theoretical and Methodological Orientation.
The Nature of Diversity of Modern World
First, Second and the Third world and their recent trends.
Distinction of the Western and Eastern Social Structure and Organization.
South Asian Social Structure and Organization
Historical and Cultural affaires between India and Sri Lanka
Social Stratification
Caste in Indian and Sri Lanka, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class
Economic Organization
Tribal, Peasant, and Capitalist mode of Production in Asia, New Trends in South Asian Economy.
Religion in Asia
Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Catholism, The Concept of Popular Religion.
Urbanization in Asia and Sri Lanka.


: Lectures and Class Room Works.

System of Evaluation


1. Written Paper: 80%

2. One Compulsory Presentation: 20%