Diploma Courses

Diploma course in Social Work

* conducted by the department for selected Maldivian students.

B.A. General Degree Course Units

SOCI 11014 Basic Concepts of Sociology

SOCI 11032 Social Problems

SOCI 12024 Applied Sociology

SOCI 21014 Sociological Theory

SOCI 21032 Combine Sociology

SOCI 22024 Culture of Development

SOCI 31014 South Asian Society

SOCI 31032 Social change

SOCI 32024 Social Research Methods

B.A. Special Degree Course Units

SOCI 21516 Classical Sociological Theory

SOCI 21526 The Principles of Social Anthropology

SOCI 21536 Contemporary Sociology

SOCI 22546 The Social Structure & Organization

SOCI 22556 Sociology of Education

SOCI 22566 Criminology

SOCI 31516 Advanced Sociological Theory

SOCI 31526 Social Research Methods

SOCI 31536 Rural Sociology

SOCI 32546 Sociology of Communication

SOCI 32556 Political Sociology

SOCI 32566 Social Psychology

SOCI 41516 Social Problems and Modern Society

SOCI 41526 Sri Lankan Society and Culture

SOCI 41536 Development Sociology

SOCI 42546 Comparative Sociology

SOCI 42556 Social Change

SOCI 4256X Thesis

Post Graduate Courses

M.A. in Sociology

M.S.Sc. in Sociology