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Strategic Marketing in Sport and Recreation

Aims and Objectives

Learning Outcomes



The subject aims to provide an understanding of marketing management principles, systems and practices in the process of managing and delivering sport and recreation services.  Learn to undertake customer service perspective in sport and recreation setting.

After completion of the course,  the students will be able to demonstrate:

  1. knowledge in rationale for Strategic Sport and Recreation Marketing Management
  2. knowledge in the nature, content and application of operational functions of strategic sport and recreation marketing Management
  3. skills necessary to prepare a marketing plan with integral strategic component of the sport and recreation setting and
  4. how the marketing service delivery system operates with a depth application of the principles and theory.

Course Contents


The history of sport marketing,  principles of marketing applied in sport and recreation industry,

Identification of marketing opportunities : Sport consumer behavior, planning process and market research strategies and information systems

Strategy determination and promotional mix : sport product, pricing strategies, advertising, sponsorship, sport and television and sponsorship and Strategy implementation and evaluation and adjustment

Methods of Teaching and Learning


Lectures, interactive contacts, discussions



Continues Assessment, case studies introduced and discussed in class and examination held at the end of the semester

Recommended Reading


Mullin, B; Hardy. S and Sutton, W . (2000)(Second edition), Sport Marketing, Human Kineticis, Champaign, Illinois.

Pitts, G. Brenda and Stotlar, K. David. (1996), Fundamentals of Sport Marketing, Fitness Information Technology Inc., USA.

Marketing, Prentice Hall, Sydney. O’Sullivan, E (1991)

Marketing in Parks, Recreation and Leisure, Ventura Publishing, State College, Pennsylvania

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