Mrs. P.D.V.C. Wickramarathne

B.A (Kel'ya), MSSc, (Kel'ya)

E - mail Address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Telephone No:

(Mobile): 0094(0)718205977

(Office): 0094(0)12903942

Official Address: Department of Sport Science and Physical Education,Faculty of social Sciences,University of Kelaniya.


Senior Lecturer

Head of the Department.

Department of sport Science and Physical Education,

University of Kelaniya.

1 st International Conference on Social Sciences- 2008 July A study of tendency for Sport in University Undergraduates.

9 th Annual Research. – 2008 December —hg;a úcs; iufha l %Svd jHdma;sh i|yd jQ n,mEu¡˜

10th Annual research symposium – 2009 December Faculty of Graduate Studies. “Contribution of Exercises to Maintain Physical Fitness- A case study of the member of Academic staff faculty of Social Sciences.

A3 Solution Symposium – 2009 Kaizen Centre Faculty of Social Sciences. “Drinking Water Problems”.

The Macro theme conference – Business Finance and Economics, Paris France 2013. “Sports Tourism on Rural Economic Development of Sri Lanka: with special reference to Adventure Tourism in Kithulgala River Side Area)

International Conference of Social Sciences and Education – Corvell University New Yoprk USA 2014. “A study of the Knowladge on Nutrients of Arcadian women”

Uyd ux., iQ;% foaYkdj" YdÍßl fhda.H;djh yd hycSjkh¡ The Biblio 2014 Department of Sport Science and Physical Education.

Reviewing International Encounters- 2015 research centre for Social Sciences Faculty of Social Sciences “A study of the knowledge on Nutrients of Arcadian Women: Special reference to Madigapadawa Village.

2 nd International Conference on Social Sciences University of Kelaniya November – 2015 “The use of prohibited Substances in Playing Games: with special reference to Olympic Games. · 17 th International Conference on Business and Social Sciences Melbourne Australia 2015 December “The Use of Prohibited Substances in Playing Games: Special reference to Asian Games.”


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