Vision and Mission

To be the centre of excellence on traditional national knowledge contained in palm leaf manuscripts through the creation of a digital library devoted to collect, preserve, study and research the palm leaf manuscripts in Sri Lanka irrespective of their subject content.



  • Using traditional preservation and conservation methods for the palm leaf manuscripts.
  • Using modern technology to accumulate and replicate diverse subject based palm leaf manuscripts that belong to Buddhist monasteries and to the people of Sri Lanka.
  • Establishing a digital library for the accumulated palm leaf manuscripts.
  • Becoming the best research institution for identifying the specialized indigenous knowledge that is preserved in the palm leaf manuscripts.
  • Working in collaboration with local, foreign and other institutions which accumulate and replicate palm leaf manuscripts.
  • Conducting a thorough revision on palm leaf manuscripts.
  • Providing the necessary resources for scholars who are learning about palm leaf manuscripts and doing research on them.
  • Creating a comprehensive index of palm leaf manuscripts with scientific descriptions.
  • Establishing criteria in order to access the digital library.
  • Organizing short-term educational programs that focus on writing and reading of palm leaf manuscripts.
  • Doing programs to preserve palm leaf manuscripts with the advice of experts and educating the general public about the importance of them.