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The Department of Archaeology of Faculty of Social Sciences is strongly involved in providing opportunities to the undergraduates in extending their academic values through the academic activities like conferences, exhibitions, event organizing, and special lecturer series. Apart from that the department pay attention to provide opportunities to develop their soft skills, leadership qualities, team work and collaboration. They exposed to learn Team Work, Taking Instructions, Leadership, Planning, Organization, Risk and Crisis Management, Time Management, Trusting Others, Assessment of their capabilities and also that of others, using the available resources. The strategy helped individuals to find out the significant solutions with existing resources, achieve targets in time, create decision making skills, create better attentive skills and finding further improving facts for better outcome.

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Department of Archaeology
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Kelaniya.
Sri Lanka.

Tel : +94 (0) 112908779 / +94 (0) 112903891
Fax : +94 (0) 112908779


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