Full Papers

Sino-Indian Rivalry and the Contemporary Significance of the Indian Ocean as a Zone of Peace. Technium Social Sciences Journal 24 (1), 594-614, with Wijesinghe, H-2021

Political-Economic Impact of Growing Rivalry Between China and the Quad Alliance on Small States in Asia: Special Reference to Sri Lanka. Technium Social Sciences Journal 19 (1), 545-562, with Wijesinghe, H-2021

Transformation of Political Culture in Post Independent Sri Lanka: Conceptual and Empirical Overview. Technium Social Sciences Journal 18 (1), 575-592, with Vithara, S-2021

Geo-Economics of the Global Maritime Fulcrum GMF) Vision of Indonesia. Technium Social Sciences Journal 16 (1), 561-573, with Wijesinghe, H-2021

Re-positioning Nigeria towards sustainable national unity
. Global Journal of Human-Social Science Research 17 (4), 40-49 with Baba, I. - 2017 

Farmers-herdsmen conflict in the north central Region of Nigeria (An Analysis of Cause and Effect). International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research 5 (3), 53-62 with Baba, I. - 2017

Efficacy of Constitutional Reform on Strengthening Good Governance Practice: A Case Study on 19th Amendment to the Constitution on Accountable Governance in Sri Lanka. Research Centre for Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka - 2016

The Impact of Decentralization on Development-A Study of the Provincial Council System in Sri Lanka - 2014

The Impact of Decentralization on Local Educational Development: A Study on Provincial Council System in Sri Lanka


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