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Type                                                    :  Core

Course Code                                       :  PRMM 11015

Title                                                     :  Fundamentals of Public Relations 


Learning Outcomes                          

After the completion of this course unit the students will be able to demonstrate knowledge in, Clarifying the basic definitions and analysis of Public Relations.

  • Discussing various aspects and unique characteristics in the field of Public Relations.
  • Utilizing the general Public Relations concepts in the context of a specific profession.
  • Contextualizing selected classifications, types, distinctions, models, and its conception and development through the history of PR as a discipline.

Course Contents                                :

Introduction to Public Relations, Perspectives of Public Relations, Basic components of Public Relations, Definitions of Public Relations, Classifications and types of Public Relations, Theories and Concepts of Public Relations and its Social Applicability in the various professions, Government Relations and Public Opinion (Government Relations for Organization at both the Political and Public Service level including lobbying, Advocacy and Regulatory issues, Coalition Building, Public Opinion from variety of  angles, Media and Democracy), Applied Public Relation Communication, Diversity and Community Relations (Managing the Relationship of Organizations with Local and Cultural Communities including neighbors, Grass-Roots Associations, Local Government and Media),

Methodology                                      :  Lectures, Discussions, Interactive contacts,

Scheme of Evaluation                        :  Assignments, Presentations and Examination.

Recommended Readings                   :

  • Theaker, A. (2006). The Public Relation Hand Book, U.K, Routledge (Second edition).
  • Boorstin, D. J. (1964). the Image; A Guide to Pseudo-events in America: New York, Harper & Row Publishers
  • Dilenschneider,R.L. (1990). Power and Influence; Mastering the Art of Persuasion, New York: Prentice Hall Press.
  • Bernays, E. L. (1986).The Later Years: Public Relations Insights, New York: H & M Publishers.
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