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Type                                                    : Core

Course Code                                       : PRMM 21015

Course Title                                        : Advertising & Marketing in Public Relations


Learning Outcomes                           :

After the completion of this course unit the students will be able to demonstrate knowledge in,

  • Using Core concepts of and levels of advertising and marketing in the process of Public Relations.
  • Clarifying the basic definitions, Concepts and Theories in Advertising and Marketing.
  • Applying Various Public Relations strategies used in the Advertising and Marketing Campaigns and Programmes.
  • Contextualizing the applicability of general Public Relation concepts with the context Advertising and Marketing.

Course Contents         :

Introduction to Advertising and Marketing with concepts, models, Theories Models and Evolution along with PR Techniques, Perspectives, Basic Components, Definitions,

Classifications and Types of  Advertising and Marketing, Different aspects of Marketing Operations, Analysis and Research of Market Opportunities, Planning , Implementation and control of the Marketing Programme (Product, Promotion, Distribution and Pricing).

Methodology                                      : Lectures, Discussions, Interactive contacts,

Scheme of Evaluation                        : Assignments, presentations and examination.

Recommended Readings       :

  • Scott, D. M. (2007). The New Rules of Marketing and PR. London.Sage.
  • Kotler, P. (2004).Advertising Vs.PR: Kotler on Kotler.NewYork. Routledge.
  • Ries, Al and Ries, Laura. (2004). The fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR.NewYork.Sage.