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                                                                     : Core

                                                                     : PRMM 22025

                                                                     : Media and Communication Management

After the completion of this course unit the students will be able to demonstrate knowledge in,  Using key Concepts and Theories of Media & Communication Management. 

  • Clarifying the necessity of the Management in both Media and Communication Planning.Applying various management strategies used in the PR Programmes.
  • Contextualizing the applicability of media & Communication management concepts with thePR.

Course Contents        :  

Introduction to Media Management, Communication Planning (Communication plans in real Situations, Environmental Scanning, Audits, Strategy and Implementation of Plan including timelines, Working with suppliers and consulting skills, Emphasis on Evaluation and return on investment Communication), Cooperate Communication, Organizational Communication, Internal stakeholder Communication (Communication with the full range of stakeholders), Including employees, Management board, Volunteers and foundations, as well as audiences specific to the Organization such as students, Patients, Members, Organizational culture, Labor Relations, Mobilizations of stakeholders and issues, Change Management, Public Relations event Management, Project Management and Organizational Management, Fund raising and Philanthropy, Financial Communication Behavior in Organizations (the implication of Management and the  essential concept of Social Psychology such as motivation, Perception, Attitude change and Organization), Transcultural Leadership,

Methodology                                      :  Lectures, Discussions, Interactive contacts,

Scheme of Evaluation                       :  Assignments, presentations and examination.

Recommended Readings                  :

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