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                                                                    : Optional

                                                                    : PRMM 21033

                                                                    : Critical Thinking & Crisis Management

After the completion of this course unit the students should be able to;

  • Use core concepts and levels of critical thinking and crisis Management in the process of Public Relations.
  • Clarify the basic definitions, Concepts and Theories in Crisis Management.
  • Apply various critical thinking strategies used in the Advertising and Marketing Campaigns and Programmes.
  • Judge the applicability of general concepts of critical thinking in Managing Crisis in Business Management.

Course Contents                            :

Introduction to Critical thinking  and Crisis Management with Concepts, Models, Theories  models and evolution  along with PR Techniques, Lateral Thinking, Organizational behavior, Business Communication, Conflict Management, Change Management, Principles and dispositions of Critical thinking, Habits and traits of mind, Reflective thought, Efficiency of Critical thinking, Crisis Leadership, Models and Theories Associated with Crisis Management, Examples of successful Crisis Management, Public sector Crisis Management.

Method of teaching & Learning      : Lectures, Discussions, Active Learning.

Scheme of Assessment                      : Assignments, Viva presentations and end of semester Examination.

Recommended Readings      :

  • Fink, S. (1986). Crisis Management. London. Sage.
  • Fearnbanks, K. (2004). Crisis Communication; a casebook approach. New York, Rutledge.
  • Moon, J. (2008) Critical thinking; an exploration of theory and practice. New York. Rutledge.
  • Title, P. (2011) Critical thinking; an appeal to reason.UK, Rutledge.
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