PRMM Course Content

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                                                                     : Core

                                                                     : PRMM 31015

                                                                     : Law, Ethics & Regulations in Public Relations

After the completion of this course unit the students will be able to demonstrate knowledge in,

  • Using key concepts and theories of Media & Communication law, Ethics and Regulations with refer to Public Relations.
  • Clarifying the necessity of knowing law, Ethics and Regulations of Public Relations.
  • Applying various laws and ethical codes used in the Public Relations Programmes.
  • Contextualizing The Applicability of law, Ethics and Regulations in terms of Public Relations.

Course Contents                                 :

Introduction to Law and Ethics, History of Law and Ethics, Classification and Types of Media and Public Relations ethics, Importance of Public Relations, Regulations, Constitution of Public Relations Ethics within a Media & Communication Campaign, Public Relations practitioner’s role and influence in the ethical organization: Corporate Social Responsibility, Laws and Regulations on Governance and Public Accountability. Legal and Ethical behavior related to Sustainable Development and Globalization. Ethical Public Relation Practitioner: Professionalism, Code of Ethics, Issues in Practice)

Methodology                                      : Lectures, Discussions, Interactive contacts,

Scheme of Evaluation                       : Assignments, Presentations and Examination.

Recommended Readings                  :

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