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Public Relations and Media Management (BA Hons (PRMM))

Department of Mass Communication

University of Kelaniya

The Bachelor of Arts Honors in Public Relations and Media Management is designed to provide a platform to gain knowledge, skills, and experience in public relation and Media Management. It is understood that there are several social necessities which cater to this field in both private and government sectors. Public Relation is a tool of promoting one’s (institutional) personality in terms of drawing an interest towards itself. In this sense, media plays a major role. On the other hand, it is hard to find a particular University course in Sri Lanka in this field to fill this social need. The curriculum of the degree course has been developed to provide students with knowledge and skills that are required in providing services as public and media relation officers and professionals in related fields efficiently and effectively. The course would also facilitate undergraduates to gain insights and investigate into emerging and escalating social and professional objectives and issues.

Knowledge of Public Relations and Media Management have been taken into serious consideration in this curriculum within the professional milieu. A substantial course in Public Relations and Media Management has not so far been offered by any other higher education institution either government or private sectors. Therefore this course undertakes to fill up the pervasive vacuum. Our mission in this venture is to make pertinent arrangements in the capacity of bringing upon the Public Relation education in terms of the local and international development goals. On the other hand, this fee levying course will also provide an opportunity to obtain additional funds to strengthen the existing facilities of the Department of Mass Communication

Graduate Profile of the Bachelor of Arts Honors in Public Relations and Media Management (PRMM)


The PRMM Honors graduate of the University of Kelaniya is a socially responsible mostly humanistic leader, team player as well as self- managed adaptable and highly creative professional with positive attitudes, who will be able to;

  • Demonstrate in- depth knowledge and understanding of principles, concepts, systems, processes,strategies, issues, communication& management tools and technologies relevant to PRMM,
  • Engage in independent and corporative learningusing scholarly reviews and secondary sources of information and knowledge,
  • Demonstrateawareness on current developments and contributions of PRMM,
  • Identify social, cultural and political issues , collect qualitative & quantitative data, analyze and interpret the results logically and propose appropriatesolutions,
  • Develop arguments and sustain them and make sound judgments in accordance with basic theories in the corpusof PRMM,
  • Presentrelevant information, ideas, and concepts effectively and efficiently,
  • Use ethnographical data and informationproductively in the perspective ofPRMM,
  • Apply communication and management toolsand technologies related to PRMM,
  • Acquire new competencies and undertake further training in the field of PRMM,
  • Conduct research in PRMM,
  • Create and design innovative Public Relations campaigns for a variety of industries,
  • Implement most prolific systems of management in the places of media and communication in corporative management, and
  • Establish a local system of knowledge in Public Relations and Media Management. (PRMM).
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