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Course code

MACO 21424

Course Title

Approaches to Communication and media studies

Pre – requisite     - None

Type/Status          - Core

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the unit student should be able to:

Apply various approaches to the study of communication and media studies.

The student will also get the chance of evaluating the strengths weaknesses and limitations of each approach. This will enhance the student to enter into the study of media content and structure .

Course Content

Nature of  the communication approaches; Biological, Creative, Cultural, Global , Lateral ,  Philosophical ,Psychological, Political , Religious, Semiotic Sociological and Technological approaches

Method of teaching and learning

Class room Lectures, Workshops


Examination [60%]

Assignments [20%]

Presentation  [20%]

Recommended Reading

McQuail, Danis,(2005) Mass Communication Theory , Vistaar Publications , New Delhi

Baran , Stanley J. and Davis , Deansk ,Thomson , (2007)Mass Communication Theory , Foundation Ferment and Future , Words worth , India Edition

Fiske , J, (1982) , Introduction to Communication Studies , London , Methuen.

Schramm, W.(1963).The Science of Human Communication, New    York, Basic Books

Schramm ,W,(1963) ,The Science of Human Communication, New York ,Basic Books

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