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Course code

MACO 22462

Course Title

Study of Media Profiles

Pre – requisite   - None

Types/Status      - Optional

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the unit student should be able to:

Evaluate various aspects connected with the study of media profiles and its application to the study of Mass communication. The student will have the chance of knowing either via biographical works or as journals kept by others or by themselves, On the intensity, innovations and other influence on the part of the significant media persons who threw new light to the subject.

Course content

Identification of a selected number of profiles related to mass media; their contributions to the study of media trends, challenges, innovations. The list of names of those selected for study will be provided to the students by the department of Mass Communication. The Profiles will be selected  from print and electronic media.

Method of teaching and learning

Lectures, Tutorials, Demonstrations ,Field Visit , Staff Student Seminar


Examination [60%]

Assignments [20%]

Presentation  [20%]

Recommended Reading

Jayawardena, Kumari, (2001) Nobodies to Some bodies the rise of the colonial bourgeoisie in Sri Lanka, Leftword, India.

Merill ,J.C. and Lowenstein ,(1971)Media Message and Man ,New Perspectives in Communication ,New York.

Mead ,Margaret ,(1970) Culture and Commitment :The Study of the Generation Gap Garden City , N.Y. Double day .

Russell , Bertrand ,(1961), Has man a Future ? Baltimore Penguin.

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