Level 02

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Course code

MACO 22482 / SSCM 22492

Course Title

Communication Skills

Pre – requisite  - None

Types/Status     - Optional

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the unit student should be able to:

Apply various theories connected with the study of communication Skills and its application to the study of the same. The student will also get the chance to evaluate the concepts connected with the theories and the practice of the same

Course content

What are communication Skills? Theories and Concepts related to Communication Skills, Sensory perception and Communication skills, Elements of Skills, Building Awareness and skills in creative Communication, Communications dynamics – how it works

How Words Communicate

Body Language and Communication Skills

Presentation skills, observation skills, leadership skills, Listening  skills, writing skills, team work, technological skills, planning skills, problem solving skills, analytical skills investigative skills, Public Speaking Skills, Interactive skills ,demonstrative skills, Communication Games

Method of teaching and learning

Lectures, Tutorials, Field Visits, Workshops, Surveys 


Examination [60%]

Assignment  [20%]

Presentation  [20%]

Recommended Reading

Fishwick ,M and Browne R.B(1978) Icons of America, Bowling green University, Popular Press.

Merril ,J.C.and Lowenstien (n 1971)Media Message and Men , New Perspective in Communication , New York .

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