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Course code

MACO 21433

Course Title

Traditional Communication

Pre – requisite     - None

Types/Status        - Core

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the unit student should be able to:

Interpret various forms connected with the study of traditional communication and its application to the study of Mass communication. The student get the chance to evaluate the concepts connected with traditional communication patterns and the practice of the same.

Course Content

The nature of traditional communication, traditional social groups, traditional social issues, Origins of traditional media, cultural links

folklore; Folk theatre,folk songs, folktales, folk games, folk believes, folk faith folk music etc.

Rites and Rituals

Evolution of traditional communication,

Challenges to the use of traditional communication.

Method of teaching and learning

Lectures ,Observations ,Group  discussions ,

Tutorials , Workshops


Examination [60%]

Assignments [20%]

Presentation  [20%]

Recommended reading

Propp, V. (1968) The Morphology of Folk Tales. Austin, University of Texas Press

Rogers, E. M. (1962) The Diffusion of Innovations. Glencoe, Free Press

Rogers, E. M. & Shoemaker. F. (1973) Communication & Innovations. New York: Free Press

Rothenbuhler, E. W. (1998) Ritual Communication. Thousand Oaks, Sage

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