Level 02

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Course code

MACO 21443

Course Title

Media History-World

Pre – requisite    -None

Types/Status       -Core

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the unit student should be able to:

Evaluate various trends connected with the study of media history of the world and its application to the study of Mass communication. The student formulate the modern studies on the historical development based on the developments taken place in the rest of the world.

Course content

The land marks and trends,

Technological, Ideological and other advancements in the following Geographical Zones. Asian, African, American, European, Pacific.

Method of teaching and learning

Lectures, Staff Student Seminars , Discussions,



Examination  [60%]

Assignments  [20%]

Presentations  [20%]

Recommended Reading

Blumler , J.G. and Katz .E (eds) (1974) , The Use of Mass Communication , Beverly Hills ,CA ,Sage

Gunarathne , Shelton A (ed)(200)Hand Book of the Media in Asia , Sage , India

Hilmes , Michele (2003) Connections , A Broadcast History Reader , Words Worth , Canada .

Rogers , E.M (1994) A history of Communication Study; A Biographical approach ,New York ,Free press

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