Level 02

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Course code

MACO 22414

Course Title

Communication and Media Research

Pre – requisite  - None

Types/Status     - Core

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the unit student should be able to:

Apply various theories connected with the study of Media Research and evaluate it into the study of Mass Communication. The students will have the chance to involve themselves in planning and organizing researches in different communication and media fields. Various aspects of research methods will be spelled out.

Course content

Definitions of research, research topics and areas, research methodology, socio – economic and socio cultural research, hypotheses, research concepts, data collection, report writing, conducting a survey, field observation, research and data analysis, elementary statistics, Use of statistics  in research such as Statistical Package for Social Sciences(SPSS)..etc. Audio and Video research, Mass media research, Content Analysis, Case study, textual analysis, Discourse analysis.

Method of teaching and learning

Lectures, Staff -Student Seminars, Field Visits, Tutorials, Discussions ,

Practical Exercises


Examination [60%]

Assignments [20%]

Presentation [20%]

Recommended Reading

Hunter, John E, Schmidt, Frank L, (1990) Media Method of Meta- Analysis, Sage Publications, London

Gunter, Barrie, (2002) Media Research Methods, Sage Publications, London

Berger, Arthur Asa, (1998) Media Research Techniques, Sage Publications, London

Hansen, Anders, Cottle Simon, Negrine Ralph, Newbold Chris, (1998) Mass Communication Research, Macmillan Press, London

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