Level 03

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Course code

MACO 31462

Course Title

Media Management

Pre – requisite   -None

Types/Status      -Optional

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the unit student should be able to:

Apply various theories connected with the study of media management and its interpretation to the study of Mass communication.  As management studies are rapidly growing, the study of media management is observed as vital. As such the student will have the chance of understanding the nature and new innovations needed in media management.

Course content

Nature of media Management, Impact of communication on management, organization, event management recruitment, production, promotion, research Internal structure of management, strategies, challenges, software, content, editorial management, role of the editors, producers and planners  as creative managers.

Method of teaching and learning

Lectures, Staff Student Seminars, Field Visits



Examination [60%]

Assignments [20%]

Presentation [20%]

Recommended Reading

Albarran, Alan B, (2002) Management of Electronic Media, Worsworth, USA

Lazarsfeld ,P.F. and Merton R.J.(1957)Mass Communication ,Popular Taste and Organized Social  Action ,in Bernard.

Rosenberg and David Manning(1957),Mass Culture:The Popular art in America, New York.

Lasswell,H.D.(1978) The Future of the world Communication.

Vizjak, Andrej and max Ringlstetter(ed)(2001),Media Management, New York ,Springer ,Verlag

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