Level 03

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Course code

MACO 32414

Course Title

Public Relations

Pre – requisite  - None

Types/Status     - Core

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the unit student should be able to:

Apply various theories connected with the study of communication and public relations, and its application to the study of Mass communication. The student will also get the chance to interpret the concepts connected with the theories and the practice of the public relations.

Course Content

What are the Public relation concepts? Definitions, origins and the evolution of Public relations. Process of public relations as an essential social tool. developmental process of Public Relations as a profession, social importance of public relations, public relations officer and information, theories of public relations, Methods inclusive with Publicity ,Media Briefing, Seminars, Press Releases. Media and Public Relations, Pubic relations in the contemporary media scene. Public Relations and the private sectors, and in the commercial field, formal and informal public relations , studies on international public relations  and trends, planning, execution, and research in public relations and public relations agencies.

Method of teaching and learning

Lectures, Tutorials, Workshops , Staff student seminars, Field Visits


Examination [60%]

Assignment  [20%]

Presentation  [20%]

Recommended Reading

Cottle, Simon, (ed) (2004) News, Public Relations & Power, Sage, Britain

Kunczik, Michael, (1990) Images of Nations & International Public Relations, FESand

Hovland ,C.I, Janis J,and Kelley,H.H(1953)Communication and Persuation, Yale University press.

Warr1,P.B and Knapper B.(1968)The Perception of  of  people and Event ,Wiley.

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