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Established in 2017

Head of the Department : Senior Lecturer, Mrs. M.Y.N. Mendis



Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kelaniya was established in 2017. The Department envisages to create a vibrant learning environment based on a culture of academic, intellectual and social accomplishment wherein all involved shall contribute efficiently and effectively. The Department offered B.A., M.A and MSSc Programs in Political Science. The academic programs incorporated a strong interdisciplinary emphasis in the structure and design of its syllabi. The teaching and research within the Department has been designed in a way that encourages students to explore the interrelationships between ideas, events and institutions and policy making. The department research endeavours are highly interdisciplinary in nature and focus on the most significant theoretical studies in Social Sciences. The major areas of research and supervision of the Department include Political Theory, Political Process in Sri Lanka, Decentralization and Local Governance, Human Rights and International Relations, Constitutional Law and Government, South Asian Politics, Public Administration and Policy. At present the thrust areas of the Department are Political Theory, Political Process in Sri Lanka, Sri  Lankan Foreign Policy and Conflict Resolution, Human Rights and International Relations.

    M.A Political Science program is so designed as to give intensive schooling covering the important areas of Political Science and interdisciplinary studies in Social Sciences. The Program is designed to equip the students to meet the requirements of advanced research in State and Society, Area Studies and Public Service Examinations. MSSc in Political Science: The thrust areas of MSSc Political Science are Political Theory and Ideologies, Political Sociology and Research Methodology.



Department of Political Science
University of Kelaniya



E-mail: hodpol@kln.ac.lk


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